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GTUsers article at ETN Newsletter

GTUsers.com introduces their services at ETN Newsletter.

TMMonitor for an Indonesian Operator

GASRE performing TMMonitor commissioning and training for an Indonesian operator. Part of training was also review of turbine maintenance and repair practices.

PreQualification of new parts manufacturing

GASRE was selected to provide Vendor Pre-Qualification for F-technology gas turbine new parts for an end user. Gasre will review vendor parts engineering, design, casting, machining, availability etc.. GASRE evaluation criteria will be used for selection of the right Vendor. Today F-technology new parts require careful quality control due to their complex design. GASRE provides services for new parts and repairs Quality Assurance.

Frame 6FA+e Repair QA

GASRE provides quality control of repairs for 6FA+e gas turbine at the repair Vendor workshop.

Frame 6FA Maintenance Assistance

GASRE procured F-technology hot section repairs and MO field services and continues the assignment by quality control of repairs at the repair Vendor workshops.


TMMonitor software -Our Solution. Read the whole story.
The original name, TMManager, will be changed to TMMonitor for the trademark application to be filed in the USA.

GASRE supplies TMManager to manage and centralize maintenance data for 16 aero derivative units in Spain.

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