TMMonitor® provides turbine owners and operators with an efficient management tool across desktop and mobile. It includes
  • easy parts tracking
  • full maintenance history 
  • reports and service bulletins 
  • simulator for future planning​​
Empower your staff with the best maintenance management software in the market. Your benefits:
  • Cost savings with efficient parts rotation.
  • Risk management with inspection monitoring.
  • Better budget planning with TMMonitor®  tool.
  • Software and license management easy for IT.
In addition to the TMMonitor™ software package, GASRE provides comprehensive support services for turbine owners and operators:
  • Software implementation and user training.
  • TMMonitor®  data entry and updates.
  • Assistance in procurement of LTSAs, field services and repairs.
  • Vendor verification and quality control.


Finally we have full and complete picture of maintenance

With TMMonitor we know exactly the condition of the turbines and remaining lifetime of parts. I, as a manager, also need to see into the future. The simulator makes it possible to reserve parts and plan forthcoming inspections. The software paid itself back in a year.

Linz Storm GmbH