Gasre - not just another software company

Gasre is specialized in gas turbine power plant TMMonitor software, end user services and maintenance consultation. Our turbine monitor software, TMMonitor, has been developed from need and first hand experience. For years we - as so many end users unfortunately still do - used spreadsheet software and Excel spreadsheets or database for maintenance management purposes.

TMMonitor has been in the making for several years. Although it to date provides the best gas turbine maintenance management software available, we continue to improve this all-inclusive management software that works online for multiple users on any platform.

Gasre is a Finnish company, which entails honesty, transparency, a high work ethic and some of the best IT technology know-how in the world. Gasre was established in 2005. So far our software has been found superior in Austria, Finland, Indonesia, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States.

In addition to our gas turbine management software, we consult power plants all over the world in all gas turbine maintenance matters from purchasing new plants to acquiring the right maintenance contracts and long-term service agreements.

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