SGT800 Webinar in November 2021

Highlights of GTUsers GTUsers Webinar

SGT800 Webinar was held in November 2021 and served as a preparation for the May 2022 conference. Participation to the event exceeded expectations. Planning of the events were started well in advanve by Group Steering committee and GTUsers standardized platform was used for all events making it very straightforward for end users to join in the webinars.

More information of the held Webinars and coming meetings can be found at:


Users Session

The first Session was dedicated to end users only. The end user Webinar consisted of number of case studies on noteworthy events and lessons learned. Also, Users Q&A session was added in the end of the User Webinar where Users questions listed as part of the pre-conference questionnaire was discussed in detail.


Key lessons discussed:

  • Siemens web portal experience
    • Discussion how many users are using Siemens Web Portal and customer feedback.
    • What are the main challenges using the portal.
  • Materials
    • Some new blade materials introduced for turbine section.
    • Experience and reason for applying new type of material.
  • Control system upgrade experience
    • Extensive presentation of a control system upgrade project. Pros and cons and lessons learned.
  • Ignition / Flame scanner issues
    • What can and have caused iginition fail
    • Burner issues during ignition
    • Flame detector issues during ignition
  • Technical Information Letters
    • Review together and discussion on latest TILs and their meaning.

Extensive discussion and more detailed presentations continue in the May 2022 conference.

If you own and operate a SGT800 gas turbine and are not part of GTUsers Users Group, please visit now and register.

General Electric

GE Gas Power Session
GE held an update for their SGT800 Services. Latest references and technical developments were reviewed.

Summary on GE Gas Power Cross Fleet Solutions for SGT-800*

  • Committed to technology and service partnership with transparency and flexibility.
  • Validated & Running hardware built on robust and proven technology from our extensive fleet and backed by GE´s capabilities and resources. Some of the added value features include:
    • 40K EOH intervals
    • Up to 4% Heat Rate improvement and 12% additional Output
    • All while maintaining Reliability, our primary design requirement
  • Optimal response and support with established supply chain and a dedicated team with proven experience in this space to service your engine, its accessories, and the plant. All to support YOUR specific needs.
  • And of course most importantly; detailed replies to end user questions during the Q&A session.

Need additional information? LINK to Contact GE sales or support.

3rd Party Service Providers

Arnold Group, The most advanced Turbine Insulation combined with high performance heating System.

ARNOLD has been comparing traditional Insulation provided by the OEMs and compared it in terms of fitness, tightness, efficiency and maintainability with the ARNOLD Insulation system. The focus of the presentation was on explaining the advantages of a Single Layer Insulation system in terms of operation and maintenance as well as durability and cost efficiency. Most of the Units in the field are still using the original standard multilayer insulation with poor performance due to many removal and reinstalls which are causing ongoing degradation and related repair effort and cost.

The Solution ARNOLD provides will cut cost during maintenance and increase the performance during operation.

DEKOMTE manufactures fabric and metallic expansion joints and bellows, designed and constructed to compensate for changes in length due to shifting temperatures in duct work. Axial, lateral and angular movements are compensated for.

DEKOMTE expansion joints are available in any geometric shape (round, square, oval, multi-sided) and in any size.

Dekomte explained technologies, selection and criterias for proper expansion joint selection and maintenance:

  • Expansion joints for SGT500, 600, 700 and 800 as OEM supplier.
  • New design available for SGT800 with usage of standardized parts, less turbulence of the flow and easier installation.

Minimax Fire Solutions International GmbH - Office Bremen, Competence Center Power, Oil & Gas is specialized in firefighting systems for gas and steam turbines, compressors, generators, motors and engines. They have successfully executed orders in the Oil & Gas market and also provide fire and gas detection systems according to SIL 1, 2 & 3 (Safety Integrity Level).

Minimax fire detection and protection systems are installed in more than 500 Siemens Gas Turbines worldwide. Majority of these turbines are of type SGT800 and its predecessor model GTX100. Since these turbines are already in operation for years, Minimax talked about some very important aspects related to their systems as:

1.    Service:
Why Minimax services?

  • Productivity:     Minimizing unplanned turbine downtime
  • Safety:        Ensure the overall and personnel safety at your plant
  • Laws:        Meeting requirements by the authorities & insurances
  • Minimax offers their site services worldwide
  • Minimax is highly recommending preventive maintenance of your systems to avoid down times!

2.    Modernization/Upgrades:

  • Minimax fire detection and control panel series FMZ4100 has been discontinued
  • on 19/04/2013, Germany has implemented new EU directives (RoHS-II 2011) into national legislation as a result of which, as of 22/07/2017!, Minimax is no longer offering any spare parts to the market for control panel series FMZ4100
  • Until 2020, the next possible solution was Minimax FMZ5000 fire control panels which is a successor model of FMZ4100
  • In the second quarter of 2020, Minimax launched their “CLUNID FMZ6000” fire control panel. It is already successfully installed and operating trouble free at various sites in the world
  • There are few detectors and signaling devices which are also discontinued and shall be replaced with their successor models


3.    Spare Parts:
Minimax is highly recommending,

  • to have a set of recommended spare parts at site, this will not only ensure minimum downtime of the turbines/systems in the event of malfunction or fire but, also help the service and maintenance activities at site
  • that the end users take notice of the required exchange intervals of various detectors and devices.

All the relevant documentation, customer information letters and presentation are available for GTUsers end users to download from the Link to Minimax page on the GTUsers website.