GTUsers organised end user Webinars a great success

Highlights of GTUsers organised Webinars

Due to Covid restrictions, famous in-person End User Conferences were rescheduled to 2021 and instead of in-person meetings in 2020, GTUsers organised end user Webinars.

SGT800, V94.3A (SGT5-4000F), V94.2 (SGT5-2000E) and F9FA/FB Webinars were held in late fall 2020. Participation to the events exceeded expectations. Planning of the events were started well in advanve by Group Steering committees and GTUsers standardized platform was used for all events making it very straightforward for end users to join in the webinars.

More information of the held Webinars and coming meetings can be found at:

Famous User Webinar

The first Webinar was dedicated to end users only. The end user Webinar consisted of number of case studies on noteworthy events and lessons learned. Also, Users Q&A session was added in the end of the User Webinar where Users questions listed as part of the pre-conference questionnaire was discussed in detail.

SGT800 Users Webinar on 22nd of September 2020

A lot was discussed on main operational and maintenance cases and intervals.

Key lessons learner:

  • Combustion pulsations and pulsation measuring systems applied
  • Load gear experience
  • Performance degradation and recovery after major inspections
  • Automation update packages and possibilities
  • Reached EOH and EOC between B and C inspections
  • Exhaust gas compensator experience
  • Many issues related to auxiliary equipment

If you own and operate a SGT800 gas turbine and are not part of GTUsers SGT800 Users Group, pls visit now and register.

F6FA Webinar on 20th-21st of October 2020

6FA End User Webinar covered the following main topics:

  • Updates on compressor performance and protection against compressor surge
  • Rotor LTE and rotor inspections to be performed
  • Load gear inspections and latest experience on load gear performance
  • Varnish, PAG oil experience
  • Flexibility and hydrogen as fuel in gas turbines.

Compressor performance under off design conditions like dirty compressor, part load operation, grid frequency variations was discussed extensively. Also flexibility; startup times, alternative fuels like hydrogen dilution was getting major interest within the end users. GE 6FA has excellent capabilities for alternative fuel applications and for flexible operation.

Additionally User questions to various 6FA topics were reviewed and duscussed in a Q&A Session.

V94.3A (SGT5-4000F and AE94.3A) on 28th-29th of October 2020

V94.3A Webinar covered many topics raised by end users with presentations about 5 main topics.

  • Experience in the fleet
  • Experiences with upgrades
  • Management of maintenance intervals: EOHVs. WEOH, longer intervals, outage Scope of Work (SOW)
  • Control system obsolescence and inspection recommendations for I&C components
  • Flexible operation and high hydrogen combustion

F9FA/FB Webinar on 3rd-4th of November 2020

F9FA/FB Webinar was the largest of all webinars. A lot was discussed around the FB unit and latest end user experience.

  • Compressor issues and lifetime
  • Turbine section updates
  • Generator maintenance and latest improvements
  • Experience on latest upgrades and AGP
  • Outage management under Covid situation
  • Combustion system update experience
  • Gas control valve maintenance practices

And of course flexibility improvements like fast startups, alternative fuels (hydrogen), longer maintenance intervals.



V94.2 (SGT5-2000E and AE94.2) on 10th-11th of November 2020

V94.2 Webinar was very interactive again. V94.2 as a mature gas turbine has become a very succesful turbine type again due to its flexibility and ultra fast startup features.

  • V94.2 operation above recommended EOH and Starts limit - fleet and user experience
  • Third parties maintenance and parts
  • Mixing chamber annular weld cracks - fleet experience and repair methodologies
  • Fast and ultra fast startups for grid support and for dispatch market
  • Compressor Performance




Vendor Presentations

MD&A offers services and repairs for 6FA and 9FA turbines
MD&A Gas Turbine Parts Service Facility called San Antonio Service Center is an industry leader in gas turbine component repair with a global customer base. It has delivered over 1300 F Class Repairs. Facility and team have leading-edge equipment and repair techniques with proven expertise on hot gas path and combustion components.

  • We undertake repair, testing, and manufacture of fuel nozzles delivering reliable, extended life for new or refurbished nozzles supporting Multi-Nozzle Quiet Combustor (MNQC), DLN 1.0, 2.0 and 2.6.
  • MD&A turnkey outage management includes Combustion, Hot Gas Path and Major Inspections. Experts provide Project Management, Technical Direction & Supervision with local labour partners.
  • One-stop-shop, Turbine-Generator Repair facility is fully equipped full capabilities for Generator Inspection and Repair, Rotor Inspections, and On-Site Machining Services.
  • MD&A also offer Compressor vane pinning to address shim migration and vane rocking issues, Alignment Services, Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Investigations, Borescope Inspections and Performance & Acceptance Testing. And lastly, MD&A's team also offers Control Systems Services and Training.


Eugen Arnold GmbH

Arnold made a very interactive presentation and answered to the following questions.

  1. Why install a Turbine Warming System?
  2. Maintenance Benefits and Operational Benefits for individual Customers
  3. Differences between various setups of Warming Systems
  4. What is the durability and reliability of a Warming System
  5. The importance of proper Insulation for a Warming System
  6. How is the Warming System controlled
  7. Cost and duration of Initial Installation and periodic Maintenance

Arnold services include:

  • Flexible Gas Turbine Insulation Systems
  • Flexible Steam Turbine Insulation Systems
  • Mobile On-Site Machining Services
  • Supply of temporary workers for Mechanical Field Service 
  • Steam turbine heating system for fast startups




For plant operators, intake air filtration offers valuable potential for optimization. To make this potential visible, Freudenberg has developed a software solution that allows you to compare the performance and efficiency of appropriate air filter systems: The electronic Freudenberg Filter Efficiency Calculation Tool, or e.EFFECT for short.

The simulation tool maps the reality of your individual plant in a digital model and determines a range of suitable filtration systems based on specific parameters and relevant variables. The advantages of these systems are compared in a transparent manner and make it easier to decide on the best solution.

GTUsers members can access the program directly at Freudenberg at GTUsers


Sulzer can now provide an experienced and tested alternative solution to the 6FA.01 and 03 Users with parts, repairs, field service and rotor overhauls to which have all been exercised and proven in supporting current LTSA and transactional customers.





GTC Control Solutions


  1. PANELS: Running
  2. PEOPLE: Trainer
  3. BUDGET: Tight

GTC presentation was handling important topics:

  • Two single point failure case studies
  • Implementation of TIL 1524 (exhaust TC fails high) and 1275 (P2 pressure protection)
  • LVDT calibration
  • GTC tips MarkVI
  • TCPS and PTBA


DEKOMTE de Temple offer innovative and quality expansion joint solutions to bring reliability of operation in combined cycle power plants, whilst also creating better technologies that benefit both the customer and the environment. 
As a specialist engineering company, they can offer complete product management, starting from the initial design to the maintenance of the expansion joint. It is the extensive experience of over 40 years and technical nature of DEKOMTE that has led to the successful application of expansion joints in a wide array of industries, including CCGT and OCGT power plants using GT26 turbines worldwide.
DEKOMTE supplied both OEM and retrofit equipment, with solutions and scope working from the GT exhaust diffuser, HRSG inlet expansion joint, Penetration seals and HRSG outlet expansion Joint. DEKOMTE considers the expansion joint to be an integral part of the duct system. Only through proper evaluation and integration of all the components, such as the frame connection and design, insulation systems and liner plates and the expansion joint membranes, can an optimised solution regarding technology and price be achieved. 


Emerson’s Laurence O’Toole presented a case history on an upgrade of Teleperm XP (TXP) control systems on three V94.2 gas turbines to a modern Ovation control system. The presentation detailed the equipment removed alongside the replacement solution.

O’Toole also explained the engineering and commissioning aspects of the project, noting how the replacement system was designed to match with the existing Siemens system so as to ensure an easy transition for operation and maintenance personnel post-upgrade.

O’Toole explained some of the benefits of the upgrade, including rationalization of spare parts, improved troubleshooting and easier maintenance, and resolution of some outstanding control issues on the units. For more information, contact

PSM Ansaldo

PSM Ansaldo provides full range of services for 6FA and 9FA gas turbine end users:

  • AutoTune & Plant Optimisation for Improved Reliability
  • Retrofit Combustion Systems for Operational and Fuel Flex
  • Component Repair for Enhanced Reliability
  • Additive Mfg Turbine Upgrades for Operational Flexibility
  • Rotor Assessments, Repair and Lifetime Extensions
  • Remote M&D, Predictive Diagnostics and Maintenance