F9FA/FB Webinar in September 2021

Highlights of GTUsers F9FA/FB Webinar

Due to Covid restrictions, famous in-person End User Conferences are resceduled to 2022 and instead of in-person meetings in 2021, GTUsers organised end user Webinars.

F9FA/FB Webinar was held in September 2021 and served as a preparation for the March 2022 conference. Participation to the event exceeded expectations. Planning of the events were started well in advanve by Group Steering committee and GTUsers standardized platform was used for all events making it very straightforward for end users to join in the webinars.

More information of the held Webinars and coming meetings can be found at: GTUsers.com


Users Session


The first Session was dedicated to end users only. The end user Webinar consisted of number of case studies on noteworthy events and lessons learned. Also, Users Q&A session was added in the end of the User Webinar where Users questions listed as part of the pre-conference questionnaire was discussed in detail.

Key lessons discussed:

  • New 9FA Robust Exhaust Frame Experience
    • Exhaust frame suffering from degradation in 2-shifting operation
    • Frequent unit start/stop induced cyclic thermal stress
  • 9FB compressor feedback
    • How part load operation can affect compressor performance and maintenance
    • Performed compressor big foot modifications
  • Rotor life management. Experience, how the rotor is inspected, experience on reached extra life
  • Advanced Gas Path experience
    • Inspection duration, reached performance values and inspection intervals
  • 3rd party services experience

Extensive discussion and more detailed presentations continue in the March 2022 conference.

If you own and operate a F9FA/FB or H gas turbine and are not part of GTUsers Users Group, please visit now GTUsers.com and register.

General Electric

OEM GE Gas Power Session
GE had prepared comprehensive and technical lectures to cover questions raised by the end users. Latest technical developments and status of the fleet and latest TILs were reviewed. In 2.5h time, a lot of information was delivered together with extensive discussion through the chat and verbally.

Webinar included the following main topic areas:

  • Replies to User questions
  • 9FA AGP Experience: fleet statistics, inspection results and Combustion dynamics mitigation update
  • S1B Gen2 improvements and new S2B features 
  • Diffuser and Exhaust casing maintenance
  • Exhaust Thermocouples
  • Generator issues and LCI fuses
  • Best Practices for Improving Solenoid Valve Reliability
  • Control System Component Obsolescence Awareness and upgrades
  • Mods & Ups Performance
  • Break out sessions
    • Continued open Q&A with Users
    • Digitalization
    • Training oportunities

And of course most importantly; detailed replies to end user questions during the Q&A session. Again GTUsers with the SteerCo collected end user questions in advance and all questions were replied in detail by GE with lively discussion.


3rd Party Service Providers


Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis LLC (MD&A) added gas turbine fuel nozzle repair, testing and manufacture into its portfolio of services in 2020. Integrated Combustion Solutions (ICS), a leader in the production, repair and refurbishment of Gas Turbine fuel nozzles, operates as a fully integrated division of MD&A.

In the webinar ICS presented their full capabilities to overhaul GE DLN fuel nozzle assemblies.

ICS’s full scope of services incorporate advanced engineering expertise with the latest technology to provide reliable, extended life products to both over hauled and new make products:

  • Overhaul Capability on Frame Size 3 ,5 ,6, 7, & 9
  • Combustion Type: DLN 2.0 Swozzle (FA), DLN 2.6 (FA), DLN 2.0 (FA), DLN 1 (B& EA), MNQC (F,E), Standard Combustion (B&E)
  • Fuel Type: Gas only or Dual Fuel
  • New Make Capability on Frame Size 3 ,5 ,6, 7, 9
  • Combustion Type: DLN 2.6 (FA), DLN 2.0 (FA), DLN 1 (B& EA), MNQC (F,E), Standard Combustion (B&E),
  • Fuel Type: Gas only or Dual Fuel
  • Fuel Nozzle expertise with improved manufacturability and life extension
  • Improved manufacturing processes design improvements that extend life


Arnold Group, The most advanced Turbine Insulation combined with high performance heating System.

Pierre Ansmann from Arnold Group made a presentation of their succesfull Steam turbine heating systems that reduces the startup time even 75%.
It is based on accurate 3-dimensional shaped insulation blankets for perfect fitting to turbine surface.


  • Increased IMA (In Market Availability)
  • Decreased Startup costs
  • Reduced thermal fatigue and longer component MTTR (mean time to repair)
  • Operational flexibility
  • Increased monitoring and diagnostics for CBM (Condition based maintenance) programs

Arnold full services for gas turbines include:

  • Flexible Gas Turbine Insulation Systems
  • Flexible Steam Turbine Insulation Systems
  • Mobile On-Site Machining Services
  • Supply of temporary workers for Mechanical Field Service 
  • Steam turbine heating system for fast startups

FAIST Filtration, a full-service provider of Gas Turbine Air Filtration and Acoustic equipment

In recent years some GT OEMs have renewed their focus on GT Air Filtration, which has pushed R&D to develop new solutions and technologies.

To this date Faist continue to test new filter shapes, designs, media and pulse systems on a quarterly basis. Many of their designs and solutions represent the new standard for some large GTs.

Faist concentrated on their presentation on water/dust passing through filters, which in many times is evaluated as dry dust is used for testing. Faist has perfomed extensive testing and development of their filters to avoid dust carryover with fine water through the filters.

Premium specifications/features

  1. Welded rigid media
  2. Bottom of pockets are lined with plastic to drain water upstream
  3. Extreme water-repellent media
  4. Very long life due to high dust capacity (large pockets)